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I first came to the Alexander Technique in 1990 because of chronic lower back and neck pain, which seemed to be getting progressively worse. A friend of mine told me about the Technique, so I decided to give it a try. Within a few months of weekly Alexander lessons, my back and neck issues were resolved, which seemed nothing short of miraculous to me as I had tried a number of other approaches without success.

I continued to have weekly lessons for many years even after finding relief from my physical problems, because I found the Technique fascinating and useful. Not only did my balance, coordination and posture continue to improve, but I found myself much calmer, and able to handle stressful, demanding situations much better and with more clarity.

I began my teacher training in 2008 and was certified to teach the Alexander Technique in 2010, having completed a 1600-hour, AmSAT-approved training course.

What some of my students have had to say:

“I have a lumbar spinal fusion that caused me constant, debilitating pain. I’m a musician, and playing gigs was very painful. I tried physical therapy, lidocaine patches, even narcotics. All methods worked a little bit, but I realized there had to be something more. Alex told me about the Alexander Technique, and I was skeptical. but I did some research, talked with Alex about it, and thought I would give it a shot. I’m so glad I did! AT taught me how to hold myself, how to move correctly, how to stand onstage and hold my guitar in a way that would put less stress on my joints. Today I can honestly say I’m in a lot less pain, and am free of narcotic medications, and I don’t need physical therapy anymore. I feel confident that if I stick with it, AT could help me avoid future surgeries.

Alex is a patient, kind and understanding teacher. His passion for what he does is evident. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to manage pain or move more freely.” – Liz Grace, San Diego

“After only three lessons with Alex my shoulder pain is gone and I have much greater freedom of movement.” – Cate B., San Diego

“Alex has introduced me to a calm, centered and comfortable place inside of myself that I wasn’t even aware existed. Words can not adequately express the depth of healing that can reveal itself through this work. I will continue to pursue my best self via the Alexander Technique for a long time to come.” – Anna D., San Diego

I have also been a professional musician for over 40 years, playing acoustic and electric guitar in rock, blues, country, and folk bands in Southern California.

My Alexander Technique blog page is here: http://theexpandingself.wordpress.com/

I am a dog person. 🙂 My partner and I have two white German Shepherds, Margot and Kody (Kodiak).


San Diego Alexander Technique with Alex Watts, AmSAT Certified Teacher

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