San Diego Alexander Technique with Alex Watts, AmSAT Certified Teacher

“Alex has a sound understanding of the principles of the Alexander Technique, and I find a rare sensitivity in his hands.” – Rome Roberts Earle, who began her training as an Alexander teacher with F.M. Alexander himself in the early 1950’s, and has over 60 years of experience with the Technique.

What is the Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is a means of optimizing body awareness, use and function. It has been used all over the world for over 100 years, and is incorporated into the curricula of many of the world’s leading music and drama schools.

The Technique works by restoring the natural balance and postural freedom that are inherent in the human body. Years of habitual misuse have obscured that balance and freedom in most of us. With the Alexander Technique, we can get them back.

The Alexander Technique is not a therapy or a treatment – it’s about learning to use your body more comfortably and efficiently, in accordance with its natural design. Anyone, regardless of age or physical condition, can benefit from applying it. Back and neck pains can be eased or eliminated, circulation and breathing can improve, and unnecessary pressure on joints can be relieved. Our bodies have an amazing capacity to repair and rebalance themselves if we will allow them to.

There are NO difficult exercises or movement sequences, and there is NO painful manipulation – the Alexander Technique is both incredibly effective and very gentle.

What can the Alexander Technique offer you?

  • Relief of neck, back, muscular and joint pain
  • Improvements in posture, breathing and circulation
  • Greater freedom of expression for musicians, actors and artists
  • Improved balance and comfort to anyone, of any age
  • Freedom from destructive habits, both physical and mental

My name is Alex Watts. I began having lessons in the Alexander Technique in 1990, and was certified to teach the Technique in 2010. I am a member of AmSAT, the American Society for the Alexander Technique, and ATE, Alexander Technique Education. I teach in the University Heights neighborhood of San Diego, just north of downtown.

I can be reached by email here, or by telephone at 619-299-2807.